First Attempt at Cthulhurotica

“I too thought he was mad to love me—at the very least, risk his reputation for a lunatic like me. I had just come from an ordeal which should have killed me, or so they said. My mind refused to recall what had brought me to Butler Hospital, an asylum for the mad. He, Dr. Warwick, was determined to “restore me to my wits”, though oftentimes his methods suggested that he needed to be restored to his wits. Perhaps I only thought him mad because he loved me and wished that I could be well again. But I did not want to remember the accident which killed my parents and left me in a rickety, rotting boat somewhere near Newport shrieking about some kind of sea monster.”

I’m very excited about mixing the Cthulhu mythos with erotica. Writing this is certainly proving to be an interesting experience.


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