I Spent over $100 at Victoria’s Secret so it would be nice if I Sold a Story soon

It’s that time of year again, the end of the season. Since I work at the mall, I spend a lot of time there and can’t help but notice that everything I couldn’t afford last winter and this spring at Victoria’s Secret has gone on sale. I told myself I’d buy some lingerie for a possible cheesecake photo shoot I plan to do for my boyfriend, a pair of underwear, maybe a bra, and some reddish–or as close to reddish as I could find on sale–lip stain and that was it. (You know, things a girl like me would need. . .only the bare necessities.) I hadn’t planned on spending much more than $45 at the most. I ended up spending about $110. Not to mention, earlier this week I splurged on some MAC face primer because it was REALLY GOOD and I had a photo shoot that I had to look my best for. The primer was about $30. (Luckily though, a freeze-dried pea-sized amount goes a long way.) But I found a chemise, a bra, the matching panties that go with the bra, two pairs of underwear I just had to have–and I ‘m going back for another pair next week when everything is an additional half-off, my lip stain, and an eye shadow and liner duo also on clearance. I really can’t spend anymore money. . .unless I don’t care about eating in Czech Republic this fall, because I don’t know if they’ll let me work there. Their immigration policies are worse than the U.S.

I’ve been re-visiting the novel I finished editing and writing last year while living in Austria. I couldn’t drum up any agent or publisher interest for it, and I’m having second thoughts about the plot line myself. But I really like most of the writing contained within it and I don’t want to throw it all out or re-write it. I decided I would break down the chapters back into the short story format I had originally written them in, remove the transitions, and just focus on turning a few into short stories. Contained within the novel are a few true stories anyway, and one of them is about a traumatic experience I had. I was originally writing to recover from that experience. I won’t go into it, but I have so much to say about what happened to  me still. I just want it all out of my system! I know that reading story after story about sexual abuse and rape gets boring, but for the last three years it’s been all I could focus on.


3 thoughts on “I Spent over $100 at Victoria’s Secret so it would be nice if I Sold a Story soon

  1. You could go to amazon.com and publish your chapters as e-books and then you will have control over your writing.
    I also am writing about my childhood traumas but haven’t written anything about my sexual abuse and know I need to get it out for healing to take place . It takes courage to put it out there in a culture that has a hard time hearing it. Keep writing you are an inspiration.

  2. nikkibausch says:

    Thanks. I wish you luck on your endeavors as well. I would like to put together a short story compilation by the end of this summer and sell it through Amazon and Kindle, maybe Google books too. I have a lot of work to do though, editing-wise. But I’ve seen so many obvious typos and errors in e-books I’ve read through Amazon and Google books, that it’s made me very anal about editing and proof-reading things before I put them out there like that.

    • My husband recently helped someone with his book and gets real upset about misspelled words. The guy even spelled the name of his band wrong. Good editing goes a long way.

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