I’ve Been in a Dark Place Lately

I took a bit of a break from posting on here these last couple of weeks. I know I just started so taking a break is completely ridiculous of me. But I just couldn’t think of anything to say. My boyfriend of two years–who I was so looking forward to see when I went back to Europe this fall–broke up with me on the last day of June. He didn’t give much of an explanation why. He just said he was mad because I posted a picture of us together in his room on one of my writing pages. The picture doesn’t show much of the scenery behind us, so I’m beginning to wonder if our relationship was supposed to be a secret for reasons that I don’t approve of. I think he’s been seeing another girl while I’ve been back in the States and she obviously isn’t open to an open relationship like I was, so he ditched me and he doesn’t want me calling him his boyfriend anymore. That pisses me off. I try to be lenient and understanding since I had to be gone for a year and I get the bad end of the deal.


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