My Playlist Today Thus Far (in case you were wondering)

Thanks to, not only do I get to discover all sorts of new bands around the world, but I can also easily keep track of what I have listened to, when, and how often I listen to certain bands and songs. I am utterly addicted to my account now that I have a computer that it actually works on! I thought I would share what’s been inspiring me today as I gather my thoughts and prepare to write all afternoon (since my shift at work was cut again today, making it official that I will not have worked at all this week when I had at least 20 hours on the schedule that I was supposed to have worked. . .ah well. . .more time to work on my Cthulhurotica entry).

Well, I suppose is not always reliable. Looking now, I see that many of my tracks I listened to this morning did not get added to my playlist. *sigh* I’ll try my best to get it all in the right order.

“At the Left Hand ov God” by Behemoth

“Angeli Mortis De Profundis” by Belphegor

“Lashed to the Slave Stick” by Nile

“Warrior” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“It’s a Fire” by Portishead

“One More Magic Potion” by Ensiferum

“Malibu” by Hole

“The Suffering” by Baphomet

And now I am getting ready to listen to “The Merciless” album by Aura Noir and do some more research into what life would have been like at the typical 1920’s insane asylum.


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