Shortly before I left the United States for my year abroad in Czech Republic, I bought myself a nice little owl journal. (It’s a pretty nifty book. Not only does it have drawings of my two favorite things–owls and forests–but it also has six different page layouts in the journal. It really adds some color and variety to my journal pages. However since I have this lovely journal, that means I’ve been forsaking this blog. But very little has gone on in my life in the last few months, when it all comes down to it. I do have some lovely photos from my first week in Brno (my new home) and my weekend trip to Prague to share.


This cathedral is basically the first thing you see when driving into Brno. It’s a rather breath-taking building. I just wish I could get a good front view of it. Unfortunately, it sits in the middle of a major intersection in the center of town and there is simply too much car and tram traffic to get a good shot.


This is my favorite Czech delicacy, Svickova na Smetane (beef brisket in a red wine and sour cream sauce with a hint of cranberries) with Knedle (dumplings). What follows are more images of Brno:






And if you are in the market for a new journal, I’d highly suggest these designs by Susie Ghahremani. (Mine is the second journal, and that travel journal is starting to look really tempting. Unfortuanately, Barnes and Noble did not have that. Ah well, that’ll be for my next trip I guess.) Anyway, link:

I guess I Should Say Something about Czech Republic Right About Now


2 thoughts on “I guess I Should Say Something about Czech Republic Right About Now

  1. How are you finding the Czech Republic? I am considering going there for a year after high school…the language is the only thing that I’m finding really scary haha

    • nikkibausch says:

      Well, I lived in Austria for a year after high school to get a chance to study German more in-depth and improve my language skills. I had studied German for 5 or 6 years in middle and high school but taking German courses taught by native speakers, attending gymnasium, and living with an Austrian host family made it so that I had to speak German nearly 24/7 and that helped a lot with my German speaking skills.

      After a year of college in my home state, I decided I’d go to Brno, Czech Republic to study German literature and Czech and Austrian history. I also really wanted to learn Czech. I was dating a guy when I lived in Austria who is Czech, from Prague, and I always thought his language is really interesting.

      Czech is indeed very difficult. I started attempting to learn it in the states with a free software program I downloaded from my school, but since I could not practice or hear how the words are pronounced, it was rather difficult. Now I am taking a fast-paced Czech course worth about 5 credit hours and having opportunities to speak Czech with native speakers and being in situations where I am forced to remember how to say certain things or else I would not be able to communicate with people is very helpful. It is a rather difficult language though. But if you are familiar with German and Russian grammar it’s a mixture of that.

      I kind of wish I lived in Prague. Prague is definitely bigger and has more to do and is very exciting. But I also love it in Brno and don’t want to leave. If you want to spend a year abroad but don’t have a very large budget, I would suggest Czech Republic (specifically Brno) because the food here is very cheap (I only spend $15-25 per week on groceries and that is often more than enough for me) and so is public transportation and train tickets.

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