Absinthe in Prague

The Absinthe Shop





Some photos from the Absintherie:



The Absinthe shop was fun because there was that cute little green-eyed doggie to play with. (He’s very shy and skittish. . I suggest approaching with caution, especially if unlike me, you do not have experience with owning and caring for a skittish breed.) But the Absintherie had better prices. (The Absinthe shop’s absinthe ice cream was about 100 czk for a tiny paper cup with one topping.) I liked the Absintherie better. There are two locations to choose from (Franze Kafky square or the Jilska location) and a big scoop of absinthe ice cream in a cone cost only 39 czk. Also, if you are a Marilyn Manson fan, the Absintherie at Franze Kafky square is promoting his absinthe. You can try his brand, Mansinthe, for 130 czk or buy a bottle of it for about 10 times that. (A bottle will set you back about $79 approximately.)


One thought on “Absinthe in Prague

  1. Look nice 🙂 By the way – This is your famous norwegian friend who deactivated his facebook profile yesterday. I suggest you add this profile as I have no clue how long I will stay away from my annoying way too active Facebook profile.

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