My Return to Graz, Austria

I was hesitant about going on this trip because the tickets there and back were all-together $92, and throw on top of that 30 euros I had to withdrawal in Vienna and I was nearly in the hole. Luckily though, I had a gig on Sunday in Vienna so I made a little bit of money and some of my traveling expenses were covered. Also, the photographer gave me a huge bag of groceries for my apartment in Brno.

The train ride to and from Graz was excellent. It was the height of Autumn in the Alps at the time so I was treated to the greatest rainbow display of orange, yellow, green, and red leaves stacked on the mountains. The view on train rides is what I’ve missed the most about Austria, I think, besides the people. (Many of my friends from my time in Austria though have either gone back to their original homes or moved someplace else for college though.)

It was odd walking through Graz after a year of being away from it. Everything was so familiar, yet different. I kept thinking, “I really ought to call Emily and Lea or maybe Simon while I am here and we could go to Molly Malone’s tonight.” But I couldn’t have done that really, because Emily and Simon went back to the United States around the same time I did, and Lea is back in France. After these thoughts, Graz suddenly felt very empty. Without all the people, the place just really isn’t the same. But I stayed with my host family and had a family weekend, so I wasn’t really that alone. I wonder how this year’s Rotary exchange students in Graz are faring.

Some photos from the weekend:







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