Stop Asking me for Money: A Rant

Stop asking me for money.

I don’t have any.

I am broke, a broke student just like you.

You want to go to London?

I also want to go to London and Paris and Brussels and a ton of other places that are much more–in my opinion–more interesting and cheaper than London.

You see, I am currently accomplishing that goal with money that I saved up from working retail back stock graveyard and early early morning shifts for the past 15 months. I realize that in this economy it is really difficult for people to find jobs. . .hell I was doing “artistic” gigs for a month in order to support myself before I landed that job. But when you come to me, having never attempted to find a job and are unwilling to work a job that you consider to be “beneath you”, I’ve got to ask, “who the fuck do you think you are?” And why do I owe you money which I worked my ass off for, getting up at 3:30 in the morning after closing the night before and not getting home until midnight, only to get about 2 hours of sleep and have to get right back up in the morning to work a 6-8 hour shift involving the tasks of monotonously unpacking boxes and trying to finagle some space for all the new merchandise in an already over-packed stockroom.

I realize it is difficult for some people to find jobs because of certain circumstances (mental illness, physical illness, unfair drug laws, etc.). But when you are a perfectly capable person in your 20’s who will only settle for a job at Starbucks or some other trendy place and then wonder why the job offers don’t come pouring in when you’ve had no prior experience as a barista what-so-ever, and you ask me for money to fund your trip. . .it pisses me off.

Hell, I don’t even know you “IRL”. You are just some leech Tumblr owner who randomly added me so that I would follow you back. I don’t even like what you post. Why don’t you get off of your Tumblr and get a job instead of soliciting strangers for money on the internet?


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